Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mammoth Trip 2008

Yes, we braved the ice, sleet, and snow to make our annual Mammoth trip! We stay at June Lake which is about 30 minutes drive from Mammoth. Crazy Dad drug the whole family up to June Lake, having to move up the vacation schedule by a couple of days to beat the blizzard of the decade. Some of the peaks saw 9-10 feet of snow. At June, we were spared and only saw about 3 feet of snow. High winds blew down the power to the whole town of June Lake for about 18 hours. That was fun! Or maybe no so much... Depends on who you ask I guess. Fortunately, there was a huge fireplace in the middle that was on in the middle of the Lodge. We used that for Dad's coffee and to heat water for the baby formula. Once the power came on it was fun no matter who you asked! Brittney and Beth even watched the babies for a day so that Mom and Dad could escape for a day of snowboarding.

The babies loved the snow, once the feet of snow were cleared from the balcony so that we could take them outside. Dad took them for their first sled ride. They loved to feel the snow in their hands. The whole time that they were inside, they would take turns sitting in their bouncy chair by the window. Notice in the pictures that the snow level outside of the patio door is over their heads at times! We can't wait until our next trip when they will all be walking around in little snowsuits! In case anyone wonders how we make long trips with quadruplets - we call it the "while they sleep" method. Which means that the driving took place from about 8pm to 3am.

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Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Holy cow! That's awesome! The babies (if they canbe called that now) are looking SO good. Happy to hear y'all are getting some rest now - praise GOD. Love the new blog.