Monday, May 19, 2008

New Stats

At our last check-up with the High Risk Infant Center at Loma Linda University, the doctor was a little concerned with the girls and Dylan's weight gain. They wanted us to check back in a couple months to see if the babies were doing better. We went to our pediatrician last Thursday for a weight check for Brooklyn, Hailey and Dylan. Lucky Connor got to stay at home with Grandma Nancy.
Here's the new weights for them:
Brooklyn - 12 lbs, 15 ozs (our little peanut has been 12 lbs for so long it will be wonderful to see her reach 13 lbs.)
Hailey - 16 lbs, 11 ozs
Dylan - 17 lbs, 5 ozs
Connor - At last dr.'s appointment - 20 lbs, 5 ozs

The kiddos are moving around so much. Any day I expect to see Hailey take her first steps on her own. (With the rest not far behind, of course.) She walked yesterday holding just one of big sister Brittney's hands. They all love using the walking toys. Here's some pictures:



They are so interested in each other lately. It amazes me how much they let their siblings do to themselves. Brooklyn and Hailey were sitting in my lap the other day after a nap. Then they started putting their fingers in each others mouths, poking cheeks and eyes, just talking away with each other. I see this quite often between all of them, as long as they are in a good mood. If not, all touchy feely goes right out the window.


Goerlich Quadruplets said...

They are all so darn cute! We had never heard of childhood intervention until your post so we called them and had our first meeting. Thanks for putting that tidbit in your post. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Fellow quad mom here! I found you through The Goerlich quads. I too have never heard of early childhood intervention, what is it? My quads are just over four months and i have two boys and two girls too! Your kids are just super cute!!!!! I love your names too.