Saturday, September 13, 2008

Four Little Monkeys Climbing on EVERYTHING!!!!

They were good climbers even before they could walk, but since then, its hard to keep up with the four little monkeys.

I made the mistake of letting them sit on the coffee table a few times. They were having such a blast. Dylan started spinning around and around and everyone else wanted a turn. Well I'm paying for it now. At least a few hundred times a day,(ok, thats a little bit exagerated) I hear myself telling one or the other, "Tables are for putting things on. We stand on the floor" while helping my little monkey down off the table.
"Just one more spin around the table, Please!" - Brooklyn

"What, were not supposed to be up here?" - Dylan and Connor
We had Brooklyns crib given to us by one of Brian's co-workers, so hers is different from the other three and has these wonderful drawers on the side for more storage, which also doubles as a climbing aparatus for little monkeys. So as soon as I found out Brooklyn had managed this amazing feat, I switched her to Connors crib and Connor to Brooklyns. Connor, being a little bit bigger than Brooklyn, had not yet accomplished the crib climb. But Connor was not to be outdone. Brian had to wake Connor up from his nap the other day and walked in to find Connor snuggled up with the lamp. He had climbed up enough to grab hold of the lamp and show us he had some skills too. (The lamp was promptly removed from grabbing distance)

One day we had finished breakfast and I was around the corner changing someones diaper. I walked back around the corner and found Connor had climbed up the highchair and was sitting on top of the counter helping himself to a banana. Since then the highchairs have been roped around the kitchen table to keep anyone else from getting any other ideas. Even so, when it it time to eat, all little monkeys love to climb their chairs. Ahh, toddler independence. And so, I stand close by to help if needed. Sometimes they still allow me to just put them in, other times I am told very forcefully, they will do it themselves, thank you very much. Hailey has even started grabbing the buckles to help snap them together.

"See, I can do it myself" - Dylan

Even though the swings aren't really used anymore, we still have a few around the house and the little monkeys like climbing in on their own and pushing the buttons if they can. Dylan did this first. He climbed right in, one foot on the back of the swing, one on the tray, and pushed the button for the swing. Pushed the buttons for some music, then sat right down to enjoy a good swing.
Brooklyn showing she can do it too.

Brooklyn, Connor and Hailey - "On, off, on, off..."


mommy2twindaughters said...

Oh my! My heart stopped just looking at them climbing! Little ones are so funny when they learn to climb they have NO fear, it's the parents that nearly has a heart attack (or at least in my case) Cute pictures!

The McNulty Family said...

OH MY GOD!!! Those are MY kids just a year ago!!! Oh mama, I feel your pain. This post made me laugh and cry at the same time. I've been there. It's get's easier.. kinda!!!

I'm here if you need ANYTHING!!! It's so nice to know that my four aren't the ONLY crazy monkeys on the web!!!!

Gen McNulty