Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Starr

My Grandpa Starr turned 82 years old on August 27. My Aunt Geena and Uncle Steve hosted a wonderful family birthday party for him. This is my Dad's Dad. We don't see extended family often enough, so it was good to go and see everyone. Which is about the only thing I was able to do, "see" them. When you have four toddlers running around, most of your time is spent running after them. It doesnt make for good conversation time. The party was in the evening and I almost left the quads home to get put to bed on time and go by myself. (I knew I would be more comfortable and able to visist more) I was glad I didnt because it was good to see Grandma and Grandpa with their great grandkids.

Great- Grandpa Starr with Connor

Gramma Ginny with Dylan and Cousin Ethan

Brooklyn wanted to go on the see-saw

Great Grandpa helping Hailey on the see-saw behind Cousin Abby

Mommy and Hailey

Dylan crusing around having fun

Big sis Britt with Brooklyn

Daddy the taxi driver

Grandma holding Dylan, Grandpa holding Hailey, Me holding Connor, Brian and Brittney holding Brooklyn

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