Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spagetti Faces, Astronauts and All Boxed In

Spagetti, spagetti, all over the place. Can you tell Connor loves to eat?

"Hey, Ive got an idea. We can have this for every meal." Hailey

"Leave me alone, I'm eating." Brooklyn

"All done." Dylan

Connor shovels the food in so fast, I think sometimes he just swallows without chewing. Of course, it doesn't all make it in his mouth as evidenced by this pic.

Gather around. Its time for a story. (Brooklyn and Connor)

"Read this one, Momma, no this one." Hailey and Dylan

We took them to the park to try and get pictures of all four together. This is how most turned out. Get some in the pic, while I try and round up the stragglers.
Hailey with Momma, Dylan, Connor and Brooklyn

Dylan has been feeling a bit boxed in.
Dylan climbed in and couldnt get back out. He just lay there with this look of horror.

Dylan just cant stay away from those boxes.

Hail, hail, the gangs all here!
Harry, the fifth quad(AKA Roxie), Dylan, Connor and Hailey

"Mom, we've been practicing and practicing. Do you think we're good enough for 'Dancing with the Stars' yet?" Dylan and Roxie

Hailey and Brooklyn

Connor, Dylan, Hailey and Brooklyn in a rare still moment.

"Hey, you have one of these too?" The Gang exploring their own and each others belly buttons.

Future Astronaut?

We had just got over a week of infections. The kiddos all spiked temps of 103 - 104 and were very unhappy. We sat around all day watching back to back videos and didnt get any sleep at night. At least I didnt. Brooklyn was so tired she fell asleep standing up.
Connor had gone through his illness earlier in the week, so he just enjoyed a day of videos and play.

"Dont ya just love the smell of clean fresh sheets after a nice hot bath?" Brooklyn

Sorry for all the space inbetween pics. I got the pics off my computer instead of photobucket and this is what happened. If anyone has any idea how to correct this, I would be happy to know. Thanks.

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