Monday, December 8, 2008

The Boys Get A Haircut

My "big" boys
This actually happened back in November, but I wanted to get the pictures up anyway. This is their first haircut - at 19 months! Connor was the first at the beginning of the month, then Dylan got his at the end of November. The boys hair was growing in funny, the top was just fine, but the bottom was getting to long. Connors was the worst, but at least he had those cute little curls. Both boys did just fine with the clippers, didnt bother them at all.

The "before" pic

The "after" pic

Dylan's turn

On another subject, we finally saw an ENT doctor for Connor and Brooklyn. Both are mouth breathers and always sound congested. Brooklyn even has sleep apnea every now and then. Mostly when she has a cold. It took awhile for all the insurance approvals, but when we finally saw the doc, he said that Brooklyn will probably have to have her adnoids removed, but Connor doesnt seem as severe and he may just grow out of it. They both have been scheduled for a sleep study in January. Hailey and Dylan, on the other hand both have been blessed with normal breathing and sleeping patterns. Thank God for that.

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