Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Birthday Pictures

Here are ALOT more birthday pics. Its so hard to choose just a few. Hope you enjoy them. We had such a great time with the kids and family. It was funny, the kids still weren't to into opening the gifts. Once we got them going they did better, but not really anyone tearing into the gifts like I thought they would. Too funny. They did enjoy the gifts once they were open though.


Gramma Ginny and Hailey


Thanks Papa Paul for video taping!

Dylan picking which spot to sweep first with Gramma Nancy and Papa Walt in the back cheering him on.

Connor's turn with the broom

Brooklyn wondering which gift to play with first.

Brooklyn loves the baby doll Gramma Ginny made for her.


Wow, whats that stuff?

I LOVE this pic

Dylan couldnt wait to dig in and used his candle as a dipping stick.

He just didnt stick to licking it!! (sorry for the sideways pic)

Brooklyn wasnt impressed with the cupcakes and candles

Connor loves his cupcake

Dylan just wanted the cake part

Hailey ate it all

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