Monday, March 16, 2009

This Is How We Pillow Play

A favorite past time of the kiddos is playing with the pillows on our couch. At first they just hid in the pillows while they were on the couch. Then they started pulling the pillows off the couch and found out how fun it was to jump into them. They also love to play hide and seek, having the pillows piled onto them until they are buried and you cant see them anymore. Here are some fun pictures of our pillow play.

Hailey having fun with Aunt Beth
"Now no one can see me. I'm definitely invisable with this pillow over my head." - Dylan

"Me next." - Connor

"My turn." - Brooklyn

Waiting for the pillows to fall

Connor helping pile on the pillows.

Where oh where did our Dylan go?

The pillow pile turned into all the cushions coming off the couch for the ultimate jumping and bouncing fun.

1 comment:

Andria said...

Who knew a couch could cover so much floor space to make an instant jungle gym?? It looks like they are having a blast. Any lost money between the cushions??