Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Pics Part 2

Easter Sunday, after not being able to go to church like we had planned (the kids had yucky snotty noses) we spent the afternoon at my sister-in-laws (Heidi) parents house for lunch and an egg hunt. Brians parents were there as well and the kids had a fun time with Gramma Nancy and Papa Walt.
"Now where are those eggs?" - Brooklyn

Hailey and Dylan on the hunt.


Connor with Gramma Nancy helping out

Daddy giving Hailey jelly beans from the eggs.


Cousin Devin

Connor finds his first egg of the hunt

Brooklyn surprised me and found this egg way up in the tree.

Gramma with the boys.

Dylans on a roll. Not one, but two eggs.

Love that tongue!

Hailey loves the candy!

Dylan and Hailey hunting natures treasures.

Heidi's parents have horses so we went to visit them. The kids reactions were priceless!!

Love Haileys reaction in the background. She just cant get over these horses! Brian and Gramma are laughing at Hailey. She was just soooo excited!

Haileys telling the horses, "More" in sign language. I dont know what she wanted "more" of. :)

Dylan had no fear and just went right up to pet the horses.

Connor saying "OOOOHHHH!" in his sing-song way.

Brooklyn and Gramma

Dylan and Gramma

Brook and Daddy

Daddy taking a walk with Hailey.

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