Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Duct Tape Has Arrived

Yes, it has happened. I have finally had to bring out the duct tape to keep the diapers on. We have has a few mishaps with some poop and pee on the carpet (I will spare you the details). Hailey is the ring-leader in this instance. She loves to take her clothes off and the diapers along with it. Once she starts, then Brooklyn and Dylan want to follow. They think it is great fun to run around buck naked and I love the looks on their faces. I just dont like the mess that comes along with it. And so they now have this lovely fashion accessory for their diapers.




Connor is the only one who doesnt get tape. He has not felt the need yet to take his diaper off.

This is how I have ended up doing their diapers. The diaper is on backwards with tape across the back. It seems to be the most comfortable for them and so far has worked pretty well.

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