Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day

I had a wonderful and busy but relaxing Mothers Day. First, Brian got up with the kids for the second day in a row. (Saturdays are usually his day to get up with them and I get to sleep in a little) Then Brittney took me out to breakfast while Brian watched the kiddos at home and then I got to spend some quiet time reading a book before going home and helping get lunch for the little ones.

Brittney and Me

We then had plans to go over to my sisters house to have lunch with my mom. My sister Amy runs a day care out of her house so the kiddos had a great time playing with her toys and equipment outside while we visited with family inside. My sister Jen, brother Rob and their families were not there. Missed you guys!

My sisters (Amy and Crissi), Mom and Me

Papa Paul and Connor
After visiting with my mom and family we met up with Brians mom and family at a park down the road from my sisters house. I really thought we were going to spend most of the time chasing down the wandering little ones, but they were very content to play on the playground and with the toys that were brought. Once again thanks goes out to Beth and Brittney for helping keep track of them. We had bar-b-que for dinner and had a great time with family.
Cousin Devin giving Brooklyn and Connor a ride as Auntie Beth watches.

Run Hailey, Run

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