Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Art and Literature

The kids love to color and whenever we sit down to color, I will count out ten crayons so I can keep track of them and keep the artwork on the walls to a minimum. Its amazing that as much as I pay attention and keep track, we have still ended up with a few markings on the front door and one toy. Brooklyn so far has been the main culprit. She is sneaky and waits until I am busy with a squabble between her sibs and then takes off. By the time I caught up with her, she had made her mark. So far the others are content to color on the paper and coloring books. Thank goodness.
They are really into counting right now. Hailey and Connor can both count to ten, and I will hear them throughout the day counting rings, pages in the book or just walking around counting. Dylan loves to count to three before launching his cars across the kitchen floor. Brooklyn has some of the middle numbers down and will count those first instead of starting with one.
Some new phrases I'm hearing around the house:
Dylan - "Hailey, come back."
Brooklyn - "Connor, get down. All done." As Connor was attempting to climb on the kitchen table.
Connor - A conversation with Connor goes something like this - Me "You guys need to share the space on this table. You're coloring books are big." Connor "Books, big." Nods head for emphasis. He always repeats the last two words of any sentence. I would love to get his head nod on video. He will walk around talking to himself and then nods his head as if to agree with himself, with what he's just said. Its too cute!
Hailey - This girl is having a language explosion.
"No chasing." "Hey, give that back!" "What doin' Mommy?" "I got em" "You did it" "Oh no Mommy. It wont play. It needs batteries."

Beautiful blue eyes Brook
Brooklyns wild hair
Story time with Gamma and Papa

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