Thursday, June 11, 2009

Naptime Entertainment

We have an exciting new look for the kiddos bedroom. All the cribs now sport this wonderful contraption called a crib tent. Hailey has had hers for about a month now and I thought we might be spared having to get three more. NO SUCH LUCK!

I'll start at the beginning. Dylan climbed out of his crib first. He climbed out when I was putting them down at night and came out of the bedroom. I knew when this happened that you are supposed to just put them back in bed without talking or making it into a game for them, so thats what I did. It took just two times and he stayed in bed and we didnt have a problem again. I thought to myself that wasn't so bad. All went well for a few weeks and then.... Hailey.

Dylan was staying in bed, but then Hailey figured out how to climb out. She stayed put at night, but liked to entertain during the nap hours.

I was sitting in the living room at nap time after having been in several times to put Hailey back in her crib. As frustrating as it was, I couldn't help laughing at her antics. As I was sitting there laughing and getting ready to go put her back again I heard a loud bang against the kids bedroom door and a round of laughter from four little ones who were supposed to be sleeping. I continued to hear it and thought I had to try and get it on video. This is Hailey, running around the room and I guess running into the door to get a laugh from her sibs.

Haileys Nap from Melissa Jarrett on Vimeo.

I quickly went online and found the crib tent and had it shipped to the house. And so, Hailey was the first to camp indoors. I think all the other kids were jealous of her new and improved sleeping arrangements. Connor kept commenting on Haileys tent. "Hailey, tent." Nod, nod.

We were now back to peaceful naps and nights. For about a month. Then BOOM! The other three decided it was their turn. So there was Hailey all snug in her crib with the tent and the other three running wild at nap. I even went in at one time to put them back to bed when I found Haileys zipper had mysteriously started to open up about 10 inches. They were trying to break Hailey out! I guess Brooklyn, Dylan and Connor were having so much fun, they didn't want Hailey to miss it. I quickly ordered three more tents. They were very excited to each have their own tent. I, myself, was not so eager to put out the money for these things, (they are not cheap)but the munchkins still need their nap, as do I, (need the time they are down for nap) and this was the only way to keep that precious nap time.

They are now having great nap times, even sleeping longer, which is probably just a coincidence, but I will take it as long as it lasts.

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