Friday, August 7, 2009

Capistrano Vacation Part 3

Some more pics from our beach vacation... we hit up quite a few parks around the area and this was one of the nicest ones. Gotta love the views of the beach from all these parks!

Connor and Mommy

Getting friendly with the locals "Big...ocean...Mommy!" We took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese one of the days, just for something different. I actually thought they would have more climbing structures, but they had mostly video games. The kids played a few games, ate a little pizza and and had a grand ol' time.

The girls off to put out a fire ( the boys would not get on these rides at all)
Dylan LOVES race cars. He played this game for about a half and hour, driving as best he could.

Once the boys found this game, we used up the rest of our tokens. They were enthralled with putting in the token and magically getting the tickets.
Playing with the sticky hands they got with their tickets

We finally got the boys on a ride. They all loved the horseys on the carousel.

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