Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Hot Summer Day - Palm Springs

Last week Stephen and Heidi (Brians bro) and their kids were out in Palm Springs for the week and invited us to come spend a day with them. So we loaded up all the swim gear and some snacks and headed out. We got there around 11, had some lunch and headed to the pool. It was in the low hundreds, which is cool for summer in Palm Springs. We stayed at the pool around 3 hours, which is a best for the kiddos. We would hop out of the water and I would think the kids were done, ask them if they were ready to go and get a firm reply of "no, more swimming". We had bar-b-que for dinner and some fun visiting time and then headed home. Boy, were the kiddos tuckered out!

Snack time - Hailey

Warming up in the shade and gettin' some grub
Brooklyn, Connor and Dylan

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