Monday, September 28, 2009

A Fond Farewell To Summer

We had our Jarrett Family (minus Auntie Beth, who moved to England a few weeks ago, boo hoo for us, yay for her. And big sis Brittney, who had school and work) vacation up in Big Bear last week. We spent the week boatin', jeepin', feeding ducks, playing on the playground and just enjoying being away with family. I loved the two room layout we had, it was more like a little home than a timeshare.
This was the second year having the kids out on the boat and they did much better. I must say that may totally have to do with their life-jackets actually fitting them. They are still big and bulky, but last year they were just swallowed alive. Brooklyn was by far the best boater, seemed the most comfortable on the boat and loved driving. Hailey was fine as long as she was in someones arms. Dylan loved being anywhere someone else wanted to be. If asked if he wanted to drive the boat, he only wanted to if someone else was already there. Otherwise he wasnt interested. (It was just one of those weeks for Dylan) Connor liked the boat just fine and even better when best bud and cousin, Devin, was with him, making him laugh. Brian even took 3/4 of the kiddos out on the jet ski. Hailey looked a little dazed, Connor liked it for a little while, Dylan refused to go and Brooklyn, our little dare-devil screeched and laughed the faster Brian went. I had to tell him to slow down a little, it was making me nervous. (I dont have pictures yet, but hope to get them from Mom and Dads camera soon)

Brooklyn's in control of the wheel, look out!
Connor, Brook, Daddy, Gramma and cousin Hunter

Dylan, Hailey, Mommy, little cousin Logan, Auntie Heidi and cousin Devin

Hunter braved the cold, cold water for a long, long time. He was usually a little blue when he finally came in.

Dylan taking a turn at the wheel. He loves driving. Anything.

Best buds Devin and Connor watching Hunter on the tube.

Out on the boat with Gramma and Grandpa - Hailey, Mommy, Connor and Dylan

"I cant look, I cant look." - Gramma Nancy and Brooklyn

Brian getting some air on the jet ski.

Uncle Stephen and cousin Logan

One of the days we took the kids on a little walk around the lake. They loved finding pinecones, lizards, wild flowers and walking sticks.


Give four 2 year olds walking sticks and some bushes to whack and they will be entertained for quite a while.

There are a whole lot of pictures here that look somewhat the same, but in each one a different look has been captured in a different kiddos face. Soooo, I, of course had to put them all in!

Hailey, Brooklyn, Dylan and Connor

This place we stay, Loganita Lodge, is great for the kids. It has a playground and a huge rec room we can run around in when we need to get out a little bit. A big bonus is the ducks that are all over the place. The kids love them.

Brooky didnt want to get off the swing to feed the ducks.

Connor and Brooklyn hanging out with little Loggie-Bear.

Hailey and Mommy catchin' some ZZZZ's.

Daddy reading the kiddos a book.

Breakfast on the patio. Brooklyn needing her hands wiped. This girl cannot stand to have crumbs on her hands while eating.

Four-wheelin' Brian

Grandpa Walt, Uncle Steve and Hunter in Steve's jeep.

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