Monday, October 12, 2009

Homecoming Parade

Brittney is the Activities Coordinator on ASB this year at school. Her first activity was the Homecoming Parade and Dance. She worked really hard and got out into the community to invite various city departments to be participants in the parade. Brittney works at The Lakes, an assisted living community. She works on the wait staff and has good relationships with the people who live there. She had the idea to invite the Vietnam Veterans from her work and they were thrilled to be invited and involved. She also found a man who loaned some classis cars for the vets to ride in. It was a good first experience for her and she did an AWSOME job.

Brittney walking the parade route before the parade.

Getting set before the parade.

"Are they coming yet, Mom? Where's the marching band?" - Connor

The kiddos loved the band! If only they would have played their music in front of us. :( Boo Hoo.

Here comes the candy!!!
Brookie couldn't wait for the wrapper to be taken off!

We joined up with Gramma Nancy and Grandpa Walt. We all live just a few blocks away from the parade route and walked down to watch it.
The boys and Mama
My vote goes for the freshman float. The theme was boardgames and they did the game of CLUE.
Uncle Steve driving the Vietnam Vets.
Brittney, after a successful parade heading off to prepare for the Homecoming Game half-time activities.
A Job Well Done Brittney!!!!Yay for you!!!!

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