Tuesday, October 6, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I thought I would just jot down a few of the kids "favorites" and a little about them at the moment to go along with these cute pics.

Connor loves the ABC song and I hear him often singing himself to sleep. He has been very disagreeable lately and answers me with a "no" quite often. Testing, Testing. It's funny though, he is also the one that I can reason with most and talk to about what he is doing and correcting it. Connor was the first to ask me that dreaded question at two years old. On our trip up to the mountains, we were 15 minutes into the drive and he asked, "Are we there yet?"

Time for a hair cut!!!!

Haileys favorite song is "Twinkle, Twinkle Litte Star" and walks around the house singing. She just loves to sing, period, and will make up little songs with nonsense words. It is sooo cute. She is very much into doing everything herself (they all are, but Hailey even more so) and forcefully tells me, "I do it Mama." Hailey loves to draw and color and will sit with the magna-doodle, draw something and then tell me all about it.

Brooklyn is our resident dress-up girl. She loves to put on the play shoes, hats and clothes. She is very much into saying "I love you" right now as well as "Thank You, Youre Welcome", one right after the other. Brooklyn has re-named our dog Roxie. She will follow Roxie around with a ribbon and say "Here Kitty, Kitty." (I'm pretty sure she got that from a T.V. show)

Dylan's favorite song at the moment is "The Wiseman Built His House Upon The Rock". He loves to do the hand motions and laughs and gets everyone else laughing as well. It sounds much cuter than I can tell it, but when the part of the song goes, "the house on the rock stood firm", Dylan repeats in his little boy voice, "firm". I wont go into the whole story, but the kids get stickers as a reward system, and Dylan loves to tease me when its his turn to pick a sticker. He taps his finger on his chin, says "hmmm", and points to a sticker thats already gone. He then gives me this cute, teasing look and waits for me to tickle him and say "Thats not a sticker." This repeats a few times before I have to tell him to pick a real sticker.

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