Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Cheap Fun

We got some of these balloons a while back at a birthday party and the kiddos had such a blast with them I looked around and found them at Walmart for 2 for $1. They are great to pull out and blow up when having an off day or when we just need something different to do. They throw them, catch them, roll over them and Dylan has even gotten good at punching them. (Which is what you are supposed to do with the rubber band around your finger.) In the video below they have figured out they can bounce on top of them as well when holding on to the couch. Oh such simple pleasures!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Happening's

Dylan the Giraffe
Brooklyn the Kitty Cat
Hailey the Leopard
Connor refused to get in his costume!
The day before Halloween, Brittney's work had a trick or treat session for all the residents, so we dressed up the kiddos and headed over for some day-before-Halloween fun.
Connor and Dylan eating up the attention from the residents of The Lakes while big sis Britt guides them around.
An attempt at a group shot. At least Brittney knows how to stand still and take a good picture.

Another attempt at a group shot with Papa, Cousins Devon and Logan and Uncle Steve.