Monday, January 4, 2010

Popcorn, Painting and Tent Making

These pics are actually from December. (I'm SO far behind) Gramma Ginny got the kids an early Christmas gift of the Veggie Tales, Saint Nicholas video so we had a popcorn and movie afternoon. This was the first time I pulled out the popcorn maker for them to see and they loved watching the process of the kernel popping into the fluffy, white popcorn we love to eat. I think the pictures below speak for themselves!

Nothing better than popcorn and a movie
A little bit of art time. I love how their artwork shows off a little bit of their personality.

Hailey is usually very precise, and draws in little, tiny areas. She does this with coloring as well. Of the two girls, Hailey is more reserved, quiet and plays more independently. (Thats not to say that she doesnt roll rough and tumble with the rest of them.)

Brooklyn, on the other hand, fills in every inch of space on her paper with full, wide strokes. She is the more adventerous of the girls, always into EVERYTHING, and gives you this cute little smile when she knows she is in trouble!

Dylan always colors in one spot, over and over. Whether its with poster paint or water color, he usually wears a hole in the paper. Dylan is very tenacious, wants everything done perfectly and wants no one to help him. Usually things need to be done "just so" for him.

This particular time, Connor only wanted blue. He does not seem to have one particular style which he gravitates towards. Connor just enjoys life anyway it comes and laughs his way through things.

Needing a new distraction, we brought out a blanket and tipped over the furniture a made a tent.
Not only did they have this cool tent, but it was a new place to play with their much loved flashlights.

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