Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Different Kind of Petting Zoo

Gramma Ginny, Papa Paul and I took the quads to listen to a concert put on by the Redlands Symphony Orchestra. Every year they put on a family concert and since the kiddos just LOVE music, I thought they were old enough to go this year. We went to church and out to lunch and then headed over to the concert. They were a little tired by this time, especially since it was nap time, and had a little trouble getting through "The Magic Flute" pieces. BUT, when "Peter and the Wolf" was played they perked right up. The best time though was getting to see and play the instruments.

Hailey, Brooklyn and Dylan giving the french horn a toot.

Time for the violin.....

and the harp.

Hailey tried out some of the percussion instruments.
You may have noticed that Connor is not in any of these pictures. He was there, for sure, just did NOT want to play ANY of the instruments.
"Peter and the Wolf" is now their FAVORITE video and I have been asked EVERY DAY since the concert to watch this video.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Emergency Weekend

Checking out the firetruck with Daddy.
The girls were into giving Sparky some loves....
The boys not so much.
Brooklyn was the only one to brave the big, cool motorcycle. She even started flipping switches and put the blinkers on.
Hailey decided to check out the inside of the fire truck but was not so pleased when told she could only hold onto the steering wheel.
When done with the emergency vehicles, we checked out the county museum.
The land animal gallery was a hit.
Hi ho, hi ho, its off to lunch we go.

Monday, April 5, 2010

An Egg-citing Easter

We had a full day ahead of us and we were ready to go. After invading Easter baskets we headed off to church, had lunch and an egg hunt at Auntie Heidi's parents house, then made our way down to Gramma and Papa's for another egg hunt and dinner.

Group pic before we headed off to church.
Dylan and Connor sporting their new shades.

During the egg hunt, big ol' Roxy dog got one of the hard boiled eggs. Dylan was right there to tell her to "put that down". Unfortunately, big ol' doggy didnt listen.

Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Walt helping the kiddos find their eggs.

Me and my boys

I just love Brooklyn trying to sneak a little snack.
Hailey had the same idea.
Looks like the boys were digging in too.

A family pic
Uncle Stephen, Auntie Heidi and cousins Devin and Logan.
We had to visit the horsies while we were there. Hailey giving Sugar some lovin'.
Connor just thinks this horse is hilarious!
Brooklyn kept giving the horse kisses and hugs. I think we have some animal lovers here.
Egg hunt #3! Dylan on the prowl.

Hailey showing off her hunting skills.
Brooklyn's more interested in whats INSIDE the egg than looking for MORE eggs.
Papa Paul, Hailey and Brooklyn
Connor is SO excited about the eggs he found, but looking at Micah's basket in the background, I think he missed out on a few.
Why look for eggs when there are plenty of bugs to find?
My sisters Jen and Crissi and nieces Elizabeth and Caitlin.