Monday, May 10, 2010

We'll Be Coming Round the Mountain

We got a travel trailer (an excellent deal) and on a whim, decided to try it out using a camping timeshare pitch. We got a free weekend of camping, 100 dollars in gas money and free time to use the campgrounds again. So we figured we could listen to the one hour speel and take the kids camping for the first time. Despite being in the middle of pottie training (what was I thinking!!!) and the weather freezing cold at night, we had a wonderful time. The kiddos had a late nap on the way up the mountain and so it was kind of hard getting them down to sleep that night and I was up multiple times with Connor. The next night was much better after no nap and going all day. We had a great time playing on the playground, exploring the campgrounds and most of all throwing rocks into the lake. Overall a great first camping trip.

Dylan, Connor, Hailey and Brookly enjoying a little snack before heading to the playground.

The little duckies following Daddy

Hailey Bug



Feeding the ducks

It was so cold outside at night we couldnt do our campfire and had to roast smashsmellows (as Dylan says) inside over the stove. Brooklyn used hers to modify her facial features a bit. ;)

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