Sunday, July 18, 2010

Capistrano Beach 2010

Yes, its that time of year again. Our annual family vacation to Capistrano Beach. This year was GREAT!! Each year with the kiddos gets a little bit easier and this year it was fun playing with them in the waves, building sand castles and even getting to SIT BACK AND RELAX a little while they played. The first two days we spent mostly at the beach, but I forgot to take my camera with me, so I didnt get as many beach pictures as I wanted and didnt get any of the great sand castles we made. (Boo Hoo) We would start the day with a relaxed morning, head to the beach for a few hours, hit up the pool and spa on the way to the room and end the day with the kidddos in bed and some quiet time for me and Brian. AHHHH! Vacation time.

We took a break from the beach a few days for a picnic in the park and a whale watching boat trip.

All the kids enjoying the fun slide!




Daddy and the kids before the whale watching trip. Which, by the way, the whales and dolphins were all taking a nap on our trip. But we did get to see a few sea lions and had a blast trying to walk around the boat while cruising over the waves. (The boat company did give us our tickets back so we will try again next year and maybe we will have better luck)

After the boat ride we drove over to Dana Point to see if we could find any tide pools, but it was high tide at the time. So we just had fun playing on the rocks.
Brooklyn was still finishing her ring pop from the boat. She fell asleep and didnt get it until we were leaving the boat.

Finally a few beach pics...
Dylan, meet sand. Sand, Dylan.

The picture Hailey made me take of the waves. Every morning Hailey would ask me if we could go play in the waves again.

Daddy and the boys.



Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Walt came down and stayed a night and day with us. They had a blast with the kiddos in the pool.

Daddy, Dylan and Grandpa in the back.

Grandma with Connor

Grandpa with Hailey

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