Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time Flies

We have been sooooo busy these past few months and I have not been keeping up with getting my blogs posted. After the kids birthday waaaaaay back at the end of March, we have SURVIVED potty training, laughed and cried with Brittney as she GRADUATED High School and MOVED to Aliso Viejo to go to college. (All posts I have to get finished) We visited with Auntie Beth when she came back from England for Britt's graduation. Transitioned the girls from a room with the boys into Brittneys old room, as well as getting them into big kid beds and CEASED TO HAVE NAPS. :( Throw in a few summer vacations and all the regularly scheduled activities and time flies!

The quads just finished their first Vacation Bible School last week (at Grandma Nancy's church) and I was really suprised how they took everything in stride. OK, maybe not everything. Going into the week, I was sure we would be taking a break by Wednesday, but every morning as they got up and I asked who wanted to go to VBS, they were all excited. After a few mornings of apprehension in an unfamiliar place, they boys finally settled in and loved every moment. (The girls had no problems from the get-go) They came home every day with projects they had made and excitedly told me stories of Super Cooper. (The puppet show they adored)

One of the days, the kiddos story time was about the birth of Jesus and how the angels appeared to the shepards. So they brought home material and rope to make shepard hats. Brooklyn, Hailey and Dylan all wanted to wear their hats while playing at home. I asked Connor if he wanted to wear his. His reply, "No. I still have my wild curls." This boy does NOT like to dress up in ANYTHING.
Another cute interaction between the kids: Dylan was wearing his shepard hat and was swinging around his head a little turtle he has on a "leash" (shoestring tied around the turtles neck). Hailey came up to him and said, "Hey Dylan, you're 'only a boy named David' (from a song we sing about David and Goliath).