Friday, September 17, 2010

Amusing Weekends

The past couple weekends were filled with amusement parks. The company Brian works for rents out one of Southern California's amusement/theme parks once a year for all their employees. This year it was Knotts Berry Farm. This was the first year we were able to take the kiddos along for the fun. Just Brian and I took them, and despite the upper 90's temps, we whirled and twirled the afternoon and evening away. I packed extra clothes just in case of accidents and was very pleased to not have to break into them at all!!! Our kids are a bunch of adrenaline junkies and were eager to go on any ride they fit the height requirements for.

The only picture proof that I was there too!!

Waiting patiently for Snoopy's bounce house - Dylan, Brooklyn, Connor and Hailey

Daddy, Brooklyn and Hailey(hanging out the window), going for a ride on the Semi's

Connor and Dylan honkin' their horns

Just hanging around waiting for our turn on the big steam engine train.

Dylan was fascinated with the steam engine and stopped to talk to the cowgirl/outlaw that walks through the train with a gun, pretending to "hold up" the train. Dylan wanted to hang around until the train left again so he could watch the engine roll away.

The following weekend Brittney came home for a weekend visit, so our family along with Uncle Stephen, Aunt Heidi and their kids headed to Castle Park for some carnival type rides.
Brittney and the crew

Dylan, Connor, Brooklyn and Hailey

Daddy, Brittney and Uncle Steve taking on the "big kid" ride

Brittney with Hailey and Daddy with Brooklyn. Every time Connor sees this pic he says, "That spider ride made me dizzy!!"

Hailey and Brooklyn getting ready to take off


Brittney and Hailey were joined at the hip during this trip. Uncle Steve in the background.


Cousin Devin and Dylan. Riding buddies. They went on this ride over and over.
Britt and Hailey
Uncle Steve and cousin Logan. Poor little guy could only go a few of the rides.
Rounding out the evening in the arcade with some skee ball, tickets and prizes.

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Kristin said...

Wow Melissa and Brian. They're getting big! They're absolutely beautiful and look like they keep you busy.