Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

These are pictures of our annual trek to the pumpkin patch. We decided to go to church, out to lunch and then head over to Live Oak Canyon. It was stinkin' hot and muggy, which was not the best weather to be tromping around in. Even so, we had a good time and made some memories in the process.

Trying for a group pic when we first got there.

A little better....

Almost, but not quite.

Maybe in the cart??? Nah.

O.K. Lets go feed some overactive, hyper goats and sheep! Can you tell they are used to being fed by everyone?

Brooklyn deciding whether she should feed this one.

This is Connor telling Daddy he is ready to go...after about 30 seconds with the animals. He did not like them this year. All the other kiddos were happy to contribute to the fattening up of the goats.
Brooklyn found one calm enough to pet for 2 seconds.

Dylan's waiting to see of he's going to be able to get some food from Daddy before the goat jumps in to take it all.

You can call me MR. GOAT!

Checking out some chickens, turkeys, bunnies and birds in the aviary.

Trying for another group pic with Daddy. (Dylan, Connor, Daddy, Brooklyn and Hailey)

That darn sun shinning so brightly!

Waiting for our tractor hay ride.




Daddy and his big boy Connor.

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