Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Many Blessings to be Thankful for....

CAMPFIRES.........SMORES........GAMES............FEEDING THE DUCKS.........SINGING...............
MINI-GOLF..........NIECES........NEPHEWS........FAMILY..........THE GREAT OUTDOORS.........

Hailey and Matthew help Papa Paul build the first campfire

Brook's turn

Dylan the flame charmer

Brooklyn getting hugs from Gramma Ginny

Cousin Annie and Brookie

Going with Papa and Cousin Caity to feed the ducks

Meals with the fam

Game time


Hailey and Daddy

Dylan Lucas

Caity taking the girls for a walk- what awsome cousins we have!!

Cruisin' on the bikes

Me and my honey!

Hailey and Annie

Brooklyn, Connor, Dylan and Hailey

Monday, November 8, 2010

Palm Springs

We've been having some nice, warm, So Cal weather. We thought we should take advantage, so the Jarrett clan headed out to Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Walt's timeshare in sunny Palm Springs.

Connor loves the water, but is still the most apprehensive and prefers to stick close to the steps when not in Mommy or Daddy's arms

Dylan, who never even used to like getting his face wet in the bath, is now the fish of the family

Uncle Steve toting around little cousin Logan, Hailey and Brooklyn

Sweet Brookie

Hailey and Daddy

Hitting up the air hockey table. The kids all did really well playing this game....Dylan

Connor's helping out cousin Devin
The girls watching and waiting for their turn.....Brook and Hailey

Logan showing Grandma how to play ping-pong



For dinner we went to downtown Palm Springs and ate at Ruby's. We had some great burgers to finish off a great day!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smokey Bear

This past Monday, we went with the moms group from our church to see Smokey Bear and learn about fire safety. We headed up to the beautiful mountain town of Oak Glen where one of the mom's husbands is a firefighter. It was a fun outing, and a beautiful day to be in the mountains!

Cute, little Hailey Bug

Dylan LOVES his cousin Matthew

The firefighters giving the safety speach

Listening attentively....Brook, Hailey, Connor and Dylan

Exploring the fire truck.....Hailey


Dylan Lucas

He found a seat and didn't want to budge, Brookie took up residence on the other side


Cousin Matthew trying on the oxygen tank

Everyone gets a turn spraying the hose....Dylan




Meeting Smokey Bear....Dylan and Brooklyn were excited.....

Hailey was a little apprehensive.....Connor wanted nothing to do with him!

Notice who's missing from this pic? Hailey, Brooklyn and Dylan

I had to hold Connor to get him anywhere near the Bear.