Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smokey Bear

This past Monday, we went with the moms group from our church to see Smokey Bear and learn about fire safety. We headed up to the beautiful mountain town of Oak Glen where one of the mom's husbands is a firefighter. It was a fun outing, and a beautiful day to be in the mountains!

Cute, little Hailey Bug

Dylan LOVES his cousin Matthew

The firefighters giving the safety speach

Listening attentively....Brook, Hailey, Connor and Dylan

Exploring the fire truck.....Hailey


Dylan Lucas

He found a seat and didn't want to budge, Brookie took up residence on the other side


Cousin Matthew trying on the oxygen tank

Everyone gets a turn spraying the hose....Dylan




Meeting Smokey Bear....Dylan and Brooklyn were excited.....

Hailey was a little apprehensive.....Connor wanted nothing to do with him!

Notice who's missing from this pic? Hailey, Brooklyn and Dylan

I had to hold Connor to get him anywhere near the Bear.

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