Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jeepin with Daddy

Brian and Stephen took the kiddos out for some play time in the jeeps. It was a nice, warm afternoon down the hill,but when they got up a ways, they found some snow. The kids had a great time having a snow ball fight (with the Jeep, haha) and spending time with Daddy!
"You want a picture of me? Ah shucks!" Cousin Devin posing for the camera
Attacking the Jeep with snowballs
Daddy, Brooklyn, Hailey, Connor and Dylan

Poor Jeep:(

Gotta throw in some scenery shots

Thought this pic was hilarious!!! Connor did not like Daddy taking pics while he was busy on the pot!!

After an afternoon of fun in the jeeps, Brian and I had a date night while Steve and Heidi took care of the kids. Here are some pics of them making a gingerbread train. What fun!!

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