Monday, August 8, 2011

Newport Beach and Newport Dunes

We spent a wonderful long weekend camping at Newport Dunes with Gramma and Papa, Aunties Crissi and Jen, Uncles Joe and John and many, many cousins. We had such a great time and the kiddos just love camping. We spent one morning trying to go to the tide pools, but missed low tide so just spent time at the beach instead. We went swimming at the pool, had fun digging in the sand in the bay, enjoyed singing and roasting marshmellows around the campfire and had a spectacular time just hanging out with our wonderful family.

Papa Paul taking some of the "cousins" for a walk around the campgrounds and marina.

Campfire time

Cousins Micah and Kiley with Hailey, Dylan and Brooklyn.

We rented this bicycle built for.....8! Had a great workout peddling the kiddos around.

Dylan getting some air in the pool with Daddy :)

Uncle Joe showed the kids some of the local plant life

We missed the low tide and the tide pools were all full, so we just spent some time climbing the rocks and playing in the water.

Connor and Dylan exploring the rock crevices. What amazing creatures can be found!

A helping hand is always nice! Kiley helping Brooklyn cross the rocks.

Hailey stopping long enough to pose for Mommy.

Little Lillian found her own piece of the ocean to splash around in.

Connors turn to pose for the camera

The crew having fun in the Pacific. Caity was chasing the boys with some seaweed, but beware.....

Connor will get you back!!

Was this really the only place you could find reception Brian?

Gramma and Papa watching the grandkids romp and play

One of our early mornings watching a video in the trailer....I know... we really know how to rough it:)

Evidence of a REALLY FUN weekend. As we were packing up to leave, Micah fall asleep outside our trailer... just like this.

A few days before packing up to go camping, Crissi, Norma and I packed up the kiddos and headed off to Newport Beach for a few hours of beach fun!

Connor, Abi, Hailey and Dylan

Its great to have so many cousins to play with!

Matthew got buried in the sand.... by his MOM!

Sleeping Beauty....Hailey

Connor wanted a picture of him next to his tracks.

The kiddos found little sand crabs and had a blast collecting them in a big bucket.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trying to Beat the Heat

The kids and I just spent the two hottest days in Palm Springs. Brian's parents were spending the week in Palm Springs at their timeshare. Brian was gone for a few days for work, so I packed up the kids, headed out to the 114 degree heat (WHAT WAS I THINKING) and spent a couple days with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Beth and Hunter. We pretty much spent the whole time in the pool. The kiddos all LOVE swimming and Brooklyn wanted to spend as much time as we would let her WITHOUT her floaties.

Dylan gave us the "thumbs up" for spending the day at the pool!

The whole gang - Brooklyn, Connor, Hailey, Hunter, Auntie Beth and Dylan

Connor preparing his attack on Hunter

Brooklyn is enjoying some poolside snacks
No, this face is not in response to the snacks she is eating. One of her many silly faces.

Hailey needed some nourishment, and fast! Couldn't event bother to take off the goggles.

Connor is hiding in the bushes preparing an ambush on poor, unsuspecting Auntie Beth in the pool. Thanks to Hunter for teaching him this technique!

Showing off their jumping skills

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Capistrano Part 2

One of the best parts of this vacation was getting to spend some time with Brittney. She is living, working and going to school down in this area (We are soooooo proud of her!!!!!!!) and came to spend part of the 4th with us and took US to dinner the next day at the resturant where she works in Dana Point.

Connor, Dylan, Brooklyn, Brittney and Hailey

Connor spent the time waiting for dinner taking some pictures of the scenery

and Mommy....

and Daddy's thumbs up....

and more of the surrounding hills.

Attempting a family pic

Hailey's happy face artwork with a cherry stem and some crumbs.

Last year we went on a catamaran to see the whales and dolphins and only saw one lone sea lion. So the boat company gave us return tickets to try again. This year we hit the jackpot. Not only did we see at a few pods of dophins(at least a hundred dolphins)but we also saw two whales! The dolphins we saw at the beginning of the two hour ride, so the kiddos were captivated. By the time we saw the whale, at the end of the ride, and the fact that you only see a little part of the back and the blow hole, the kids werent to interested in seeing the whale. We kept trying to show them, but they would rather enjoy their ring pops.:)

Waiting to board the catamaran... Dylan, Brooklyn, Hailey and Connor

Up at the front of the boat with the wind in our faces!

Taking a break and enjoying our lollypops. Connor, Dylan, Brooklyn and Hailey
Showing me their colored mouthes for the lollypops... Connor


Brooklyn and Hailey

A far off shot of one of the whales we saw

We spent a lot of time at the pool, but I didnt get any pictures of it this year. All the kids love swimming, even Connor, who was a little hesitant when we went swimming last month was calling to Dylan and asking him to jump in with him. I was so excited to see him get past his hesitation. Dylan was chasing Daddy with his squirter all over the pool. Hailey was swimming all over the pool and joined Brooklyn in the large family spa to try and take off her floaties and swim by herself. Brooklyn saw Daddy sink to the bottom of the spa and decided she wanted to do it herself. She asked for her floaties to be taken off and lo and behold, was actually SWIMMING across the spa. I was amazed!

Until next year Capistrano........