Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Over the river and through the woods...

Ok, so we didnt go over the river, or through any woods, but we did go to Gramma's house. The Wednesday before Christmas Gramma was a brave soul and had ALL the grandkids over to decorate Christmas cookies. Thats 19 grandchildren, give or take a few who couldnt make it. Anyways, it was alot of kids decorating cookies and running around the house. And definately alot of fun!

Gramma handing out the cookies for the little kids table as Hailey, Micah and Brooklyn look on.

Dylan is eager to get a the cookies and frosting

Hailey and Micah creating their masterpieces

Kiley, Dylan and Hailey hard at work

Dylan got a little frosting on and was ready to gobble it up!

Connor finally let go of Papa and decided to give cookie decorating a go

Connor and Abby

Brooklyn approves! Yummy cookies!

Hailey gives the thumbs up too!

An exhausted Hailey conks out in Gramma Ginny's lap

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

After waiting a few days so Brittney would be home to decorate with us, we finally got the ornaments out and on the tree. We cranked up some Christmas music and got to work.

Each of the quads got their own new ornament to hang on the tree. They already have a stuffed animal that corresponds with the ornament. Connor has Pooh Bear, Dylan has Tigger, Brooklyn has Piglet and Hailey has Eyore.

They were so excited and dove right in. I had to quickly step in and pull out the ornaments not suitable for the kiddos to hang. In hindsight, next year I will pull out the ornaments before setting the box on the couch and letting them "have at it".

Hailey and Connor were the best ornament hangers. Which doesnt suprise me. They are more focused and spent quite a while hanging the ornaments. Where as Dylan and Brooklyn are more active and cant be bothered to spend more than a couple minutes putting some ornaments on a tree when there are other things to be done.

Hailey found one particular branch and decided to hang ALL her ornaments there.

Connor was very particular about where he put his ornaments.

Brittney showing the little ones how its done!

Brooklyn taking a moment to hang an ornament.

Brittney showing her sibs the art of placing an ornament in the exact right spot. (Not just on the lower branches. Ha Ha.)

Dylan caught on to the idea, and after spending most of the night flying the airplane around the room, decided to put it at the top of the tree.

Four hard working little elves.

Group pic around the (partially) decorated tree.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Deck the Halls

Its that time of year again. I LOVE Christmas time! So the Saturday after Thanksgiving the kiddos and I pulled out the tree and some decorations and got busy decking the halls. We keep the Christmas tree in the front closet which is also storage for diapers, wipes, toys, puzzles,...you get the picture...quad stuff. So the kiddies see the tree all year long and are always pointing out to me that thats our Christmas tree. Needless to say, they were very excited to FINALLY get that thing out of the closet!

Hailey, Dylan and Brooklyn helping to bring the tree in.

"Looks good from this side Hailey. How about your side?" Dylan

Connor, Hailey, Dylan and Brooklyn all lit up for Christmas.

This string of lights kept them busy while I worked on putting the lights on the tree.

The kids love hearing the Nutcracker Suite and were sooo excited when this nutcracker came out with the decorations. They took turns having it "bite" their fingers.