Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Winning Game

Yesterday was Brittney's first soccer game. She plays on the high schools varsity team. We are so proud of her determination and hard work that she put in to be ready to play after having knee surgery last March. We werent sure whether she would be ready or not, but we should have known she would. Once Britt decides she wants to do something, she gives it her all. Heres an example. When she was ten, Brittney played softball for the first time. This being her first year, she was at a disadvantage to the other girls who had been playing for years already. Well, she decided she wanted to pitch, which is one of the hardest positions. She practiced and practiced and dogged the coach to work with her and give her pointers. The team already had a fantastic pitcher, but Britt kept at it and ended up pitching during the season and helped her team win the final game of the season. They ended up being the division champs. There are many other such examples throughout the years, so it is no surprise that she is playing now. Her team ended up losing the game 2 - 1, but it was a winning game for Brittney.
Go Brittney, Go!

Daddy, Connor, Aunt Beth, Brooklyn, Gramma Ginny and Dylan
cheering for Brittney.

Get that ball, Britt.

Gramma Ginny and Dylan
Dylan kept trying to run out to the field. Wont be long before he's out there playing.

"When I grow up, I want to be an awsome soccer player like my big sis, Britt."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Travel Town

The kiddos had an appointment out in Los Angeles earlier in the week. This was the first fairly long trip we have made with them without them being asleep, or at least part of it during nap time. They did awsome! Auntie Beth came with us and did some entertaining in the back seat. After the appointment, we took over an Arby's, had lunch and impressed a couple young men with our adorable quadruplets. All the kids kept flashing them cute smiles. How could they not be impressed. After lunch, we had some time to kill, and wanted to get the quads out of the car seats for a while. Beth remembered the trains at Griffith Park werent to far away, so we headed there to let the kids run around and then hopefully sleep on the way home. It turned out to be a great trip.

Dylan, Brooklyn, Hailey and Connor at Travel Town

Family Pic :(minus Britt, poor girl had school :(

Heading to see the trains

Auntie Beth and Hailey


Ramps and Stairs are the best!

Loads of trains to look at and what do we like best? The rocks on the train tracks.
Gotta love toddlers!

Train Ride

Daddy and Brooklyn
Brooklyn looks like she is ready for her nap.

Choo, Choo

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blankie Buddies

Each of the kiddos has a blankie/teddy/bunny that they sleep with. Quite often the little stuffed friends come out with them to be a part of their day. When they were little, I got them the blankies just to put in the cribs with them. The bunnies are from their first Easter and also ended up in the cribs. Dylan never really took to the blanket that I bought, but he adopted this blue, stuffed teddy bear that my friend Brenda gave to the kids.

The latest escapades of the quads and their little friends happen every morning before I go in to get them up for the day. After I have turned the light on to wake every one up, I hear happy little voices starting to talk to each other. I don't know who started it, but they all followed suit and now I walk in every morning to all the blankets, bunnies, teddies and other blankets all thrown into the middle of the floor. And as soon as I open the door to say "good morning", I'm greeted with "uh, oh". As if all the blankies and teddies on the floor were a great big accident.

Hailey has varying degrees of attachment. Some days she will want it with her, and other times she leaves it in the crib all day.

Connor loves his blankie the most. He has even taken to carrying it around in his teeth so his hands are free, but he still has his blanket near.

Brooklyn has the most accumulated stuffed animals in her crib. She rotates who she wants to hold on different nights.

Dylan wanted nothing to do with the blanket I bought, then out of the blue, brought this teddy bear to bed and has become very attached to it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Petting Zoo at the Pumpkin Patch

Brian and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch a couple days before Halloween. It was kind of a last minute thing, but everyone had a blast. The big hit was the petting zoo.

Before we let the wild ones loose with the animals.

Getting the 1st pic with Daddy while the girls are chomping at the bit to go.
The boys, on the other hand, were a little reluctant.

We finally got them to let go of our hands and off they went.
Connor and Dylan

"Dat? Dat? Dat?" Translation: Whats that animal over there? Who's that?
Can we go over there?
Hailey, Daddy and Brooklyn

Its was so funny, the animals are so conditioned to getting fed, they automatically
come up and sniff at your hands. They were not shy at all. Kind of like Hailey and Brooklyn.
Hailey, Brooklyn, Mama, Connor and Dylan

Brooklyn, our tiny, little Brooklyn was the first to venture out. Lately, she has been the
adventurer and outgoing one whenever we go out.

Dylan started to get more comfortable petting the animals, while still having a security hold. Brooklyn was a little too comfortable.

"I'll teach you to pull my tail!" - Goat

"Nose, eyes, mouth, ears. Teeth?" - Dylan

"Ok, this is a little ridiculous!!" - Brooklyn

Run after this one. Go get that one. Gather all my little chickadees.

"This is so cool." - Connor

Oink, oink, little piggy, oink, oink.

So long till next year.