Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spagetti Faces, Astronauts and All Boxed In

Spagetti, spagetti, all over the place. Can you tell Connor loves to eat?

"Hey, Ive got an idea. We can have this for every meal." Hailey

"Leave me alone, I'm eating." Brooklyn

"All done." Dylan

Connor shovels the food in so fast, I think sometimes he just swallows without chewing. Of course, it doesn't all make it in his mouth as evidenced by this pic.

Gather around. Its time for a story. (Brooklyn and Connor)

"Read this one, Momma, no this one." Hailey and Dylan

We took them to the park to try and get pictures of all four together. This is how most turned out. Get some in the pic, while I try and round up the stragglers.
Hailey with Momma, Dylan, Connor and Brooklyn

Dylan has been feeling a bit boxed in.
Dylan climbed in and couldnt get back out. He just lay there with this look of horror.

Dylan just cant stay away from those boxes.

Hail, hail, the gangs all here!
Harry, the fifth quad(AKA Roxie), Dylan, Connor and Hailey

"Mom, we've been practicing and practicing. Do you think we're good enough for 'Dancing with the Stars' yet?" Dylan and Roxie

Hailey and Brooklyn

Connor, Dylan, Hailey and Brooklyn in a rare still moment.

"Hey, you have one of these too?" The Gang exploring their own and each others belly buttons.

Future Astronaut?

We had just got over a week of infections. The kiddos all spiked temps of 103 - 104 and were very unhappy. We sat around all day watching back to back videos and didnt get any sleep at night. At least I didnt. Brooklyn was so tired she fell asleep standing up.
Connor had gone through his illness earlier in the week, so he just enjoyed a day of videos and play.

"Dont ya just love the smell of clean fresh sheets after a nice hot bath?" Brooklyn

Sorry for all the space inbetween pics. I got the pics off my computer instead of photobucket and this is what happened. If anyone has any idea how to correct this, I would be happy to know. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to the Blogs

So, here I am again playing catch up! The reason: I love to read! My oldest daughter, Brittney, has been reading these books, the Twilight Series by Stephanie Myers. I was talking to my sis-n-law, Norma, and found out she had been reading them too. She said she really enjoyed them. I hadn't read anything in a very long time (which is a few months for me) I thought I would see what they were about. I was hooked. Four books and three weeks later, here I am back at blogging. Since there is only so much free time, its usually one thing or another. And I am really bad about getting anything else done when I am reading. Anyways, back to the reason I do this blog.

Back in September, a friend of mine, Claudia Gates, came to visit us. Claudia and I worked together at a Montessori school, Montessori In Redlands, for many years. I stopped teaching when the quads came along and Claudia recently retired this past summer. It was great seeing her again and the kiddos were very comfortable right away. Claudia has worked with children for so many years, I knew they would just love her.
Thanks for visiting and helping out Claudia. We would love to see you again anytime!

The quads big sis Brittney is busy, busy, busy. She is in her junior year of high school, taking a couple AP classes, doing her drivers training so she can get her drivers liscence in February and going to physical therepy for her knee so she can play on the varsity soccer team again. She has been on the team since her freshman year and she would really like to play varsity all four years. Were hoping her knee is strong enough and has healed well. She just had homecoming, and got to ride on junior class float. I have some pictures,and am in the process of getting them off the other computer. In the midst of all this, Brittney has been having stomach issues (wont go into detail) for the past 6 months and weve been trying to figure out whats going on. She just had a colonoscopy on Monday, and we found out theres nothing wrong that they can see. Which is good, except we still dont know whats causing the pain. We are praying for some answers and healing.

The little ones are as rambunctous as ever. We seem to have gotten over the worst of the biting. It seemed for awhile there that every time we turned around someone was being bitten. Hailey and Dylan were the worst offenders. When they first started, we could tell who was the culprit, because Hailey has two bottom teeth and Dylan has four. All we had to do was look at the imprint left and know who did it. Sad, but true. Unfortunately, they rubbed off on Connor and Brooklyn and eventually everyone was in on it. Lately though, we just see the random bite and are quite thankful that that time has passed.

We have successfully switched over from two naps to one. It took about a week for them to adjust, and since then it has been smooth sailing. Ok, its not always so smooth. I had dreaded switching over and losing that hour in the morning, but I actually like it this way. I know, call me crazy, but the mornings are much more relaxed now. They do hit a morning slump around ten o'clock and thats when we now take our daily walk. Gets them out, gets me some excersise, and everyones better when we get back. Usually. Then they nap anywhere between an hour to two hours in the afternoon. Gotta love those two hour days.

Anyways, that it for now. I have some new stats and more pics, but will save those for the next blog.

The many faces of Brooklyn, Connor, Dylan and Hailey

Sweet, Little Brooklyn

Ah, Oooh (Brooklyns elongagted version of Uh,Oh)

Sassy, Little Brooklyn

Opps, I did it again

Connor and his cheesy smile
I know, I need to cut his hair. Its beginning to look like a mullet. I just cant get myself to cut off his cute curls. I will soon.

Connor and his dear friend blankie.
They all have their blankies, but Connor is by far the most attached to his.

Hey mom, watch what I can do

Cute Dylan

Pondering Dylan

Cheesy Dylan

"I'm not going to smile for the camera, I'm not, I'm not."
I have the hardest time capturing Hailey cute little smile

Finally, a smile from Hailey. You don't know how many shots I took to get this.

A much truer picture of our little Hailey