Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Bash!

March 21st, the quads turned 3 YEARS OLD!! We had a family party for the kiddos and enjoyed a fun-filled day. I try to make a point of telling EACH of the kids that it is their special day. It's Hailey's birthaday, its Brooklyn's birthday, etc... but I think it is also so neat that when asked individually who's birthday it is, they ALL answer, "it's OUR birthday."

A pre-party picture - Dylan, Brooklyn, Connor and Hailey

The Girls - Brooklyn and Hailey

The Boys - Dylan and Connor

Gramma Ginny made the kids little puppets. Connor's having a blast with his turtle.

The kiddos showing off their puppets. Brookie's still checking hers out.

A fishing game they cant wait to check out. Also made by Gramma Ginny.

Cousins Logan and Little Madi having their own fun with the toys while the quads open gifts.

A short outfit and bubbles, Dylan's set for summertime.

Connor and Brookie opening gifts from Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Walt.

Hailey and Dylan opening Grandma and Grandpa's gifts.

Connor had been asking and asking for a basketball hoop, so this gift from Uncle Stephen and Auntie Heidi was a great suprise.

The girls new baby dolls. They just LOVE them.

A Family Room of Family Love

Cake and Candles

Connor was crouched and ready for the birthday song to be over so he could blow out "his" candles.

Connor was SOOO PROUD of blowing out the candles. He had been waiting ALL DAY for this moment.

Dylan listening to the Birthday Song.

Dylan getting impatient and wanting to blow out the candles before the song is over.

Dylan, OH SO PROUD, of blowing out the candles and enthralled with the smoke.

One happy birthday boy!

Brooklyn opened her mouth this wide several times while we sang to her, and we thought she was going to blow out the candles too soon, but she would then realize the song wasnt over yet, close her mouth and wait for the song to end. (Forgive my run on sentence)

She finally got them all out. YAY BROOKIE!!

Hailey just seemed amazed at everyone singing for her and just took it all in.

Hailey was so excited to blow out her candles. They all really liked that we sang to each of them individually this year.

Hailey blows with her front teeth, like she is saying an f sound, so it took her awhile to blow out her candles.

Some backyard play time. Brookie thought she could score more points using two balls.

Connor shootin' hoops

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


WOW! Its so hard to believe three wonderful, amazing, challenging, BLESSED, years have almost gone by since the quads were born. To celebrate, we took the quads to "The Magical Kingdom", Disneyland, for their 3rd Birthday! We couldnt have asked for a better day. The weather was sunny but cool. The crowds werent to bad and we didnt have a SINGLE MELT DOWN the whole day! Of course, the awesome help from Gramma Ginny and Papa Paul went a long way in keeping the kiddos away from the grumpys. We had a blast and cant wait for our next opportunity to go see Mickey, Minnie and the gang at Disneyland.

Hailey took a while to warm up and we got her on Peter Pan and the carousel, but was not interested in riding the Dumbo ride. She finally got into the groove of things after lunch.

The crew after flying around and around (as Dylan would say) on Dumbo

Papa and Connor enjoing the train ride

Daddy and Hailey on the train too. (Pre warm-up for Hailey)

Snack time on the Storyland Canal ride

Mommy and Connor

I love seeing the looks of awe and amazement as they take in new sights and sounds. We were going through the mouth of the whale on the Storyland Canal boat ride and Dylan was just taking it all in.

Here's Hailey with that same kind of look of amazement in Goofy's Playhouse.

Papa and Dylan on the Jungle Cruise. Dylan gets startled very easily and the piranha's got him good on this ride as they came up out of the water.

Brooklyn, Connor, Hailey and Gramma Ginny excited to get to the jungle animals.

Everyone of course LOVED "It's a Small World".

Hanging out in front of Goofy's Playhouse.

We went on the roller coaster in Toon Town and ALL the kids LOVED it. Connor is the one who led the way onto this ride and then when we got close told Gramma he didnt want to go anymore. He did, and he loved it. I think we just might have some adventurous, adrenaline junkies on our hands. Especially Brooklyn. (Take after Daddy AND Mommy!)

Daddy and Hailey on the Autopia

Mommy and Brookie

After visiting Nemo on the submarines we decided to call it a day. Connor had other ideas and wanted to keep going. He kept say "See more, Mommy, see more." After strapping him in the stroller and walking about 15 feet, he was out cold. Evidence of a fun-filled, happy day.

I'm actually writing this a few weeks after we went, and the kids are still talking about all they did and saw at Disneyland. The other day at nap the kiddos were singing the theme song to the Pirates of the Carribean. So cute!