Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey Batter, Batter!

There's alot of chatter going on around here! More and more words keep popping up and the kiddos are constantly repeating the words we say. We are hearing more two and three word phrases like "More juice mama". They are all starting say each others names. Haileys is the easiest and sounds more like Hai-yee.

They are very much into the sounds of animals and can say quite a few. Its very interesting how little ones learn. The other day, I was asking Dylan the sounds of the animals and Brooklyn, who I thought wasnt paying any attention, started chiming in with the sounds. This happens quite often and just goes to show that they pick up on everything.

Here's a little clip of the animal sounds. I wanted to get each one individually, but they just wont perform on demand. Ha Ha. Sorry for so much back and forth. Enjoy!
P.S. Please ignore the snot faces. They all got a good wipe after the video. :)

Heres a clip of just Dylan. I just love his rooster sound, but its much better in person!

Monday, February 23, 2009

On the Mend

Connor had his surgery to remove his tonsils and adnoids and everything went really well. After recovery time, we were transferred to his room and he wanted to eat right away. He hadnt had anything to eat since dinner the night before and it was lunch time. So he had yogurt, jello and apple juice. This was a good sign. He continued to eat and drink without any problems so he got to go home the following morning. He is breathing much better now and is very quiet while sleeping. He was still very sore and it has taken about a week and a half, but Connor seemed to turn a corner this weekend and is finally getting back to his old, happy self.

Connor looking for "Nemo and Dori" in the fish tanks in the lobby of the hospital

Hanging out in the pre-op room

Chowing down after the surgery. After taking this picture I realized Connor had yogurt and jello all over his mouth. Poor little guy was still a little out of it.

The big guy got to watch videos and sit on Mama's lap all afternoon. Ahh, heaven!

Daddy brought us some dinner and Connor got a little "Daddy time" while Mommy got a little break to stretch my legs.

While Connor and I were preparing to come home the next morning, Brian was having to take Dylan and Hailey to urgent care because they were still running fevers. Dylan ended up having an ear infection. Hailey just got better (Yay). So after a while of being off our schedule and having kiddos not feeling the greatest, we are finally on the mend.
Now if we could just return to our normal sunny So. Cal weather. (I know we need the rain, it just puts a damper on things.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Connor's Having Surgery Tomorrow

We just had the follow up for Connor's sleep study yesterday. Although not as severe as Brooklyn's, his report was bad enough that the doctor wanted to take out his tonsils and adnoids as well. The doctor was not concerned for his health, but wanted Connor to be more comfortable as soon as possible. The hospital called this morning and scheduled us for tomorrow morning. We go in at 7:30 for prep and the surgery should be a couple hours after that. We know that Connor is in the hands of his Heavenly Father and pray for a safe and successful surgery for our sweet, little boy.
Oh yeah, one more thing. Dylan and Hailey woke up this morning with fevers. Please pray for quick recovery from whatever this is and that Connor wont catch it during his time of surgery and recovery.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Naptime Fun

These little ones just crack me up! Usually before nap time, I sing a little song about it being nap time, just to get them ready for whats coming. Then we pick up any blankets, bunnys, stuffed animals, etc.. that have found their way out of the cribs and into the front rooms and take them back to the kids bedroom. Then we usually have a fun little game of chase to round everyone up. (I know, youre supposed to calm them down with something quiet, but whatever works, right?) Anyways, on this particular day, they werent so much into the chase me and put me to bed routine. They were thinking, "if we just sit here by the door, doing nothing in particular, maybe Mom wont see us and we can skip nap." Its just so funny how they think they can hide in plain sight. It started with just the boys and then Hailey decided to join the invisible sit out. Brooklyn was waiting, not so patiently in her crib, for the rest of her sibs to join her in the room. It just struck me as funny and thought I would get a couple pics of them.

Connor and Dylan

Hailey brought a toy along to pass the time.

This was actually a different day and Dylan was playfully running away. He ended up hiding in this empty toy drawer.

"Look Mama, I just took my nap."

Another one of Dylans adventures before going to bed. I was getting everyone down to bed and walked into the kitchen to get Dylan. I saw this drawer opening and closing with no one around. Just had to get it on tape.

(Yes, that cupboard is almost empty. Yes, all the other cupboards are locked. Yes, I did stop the drawer before it bonked Connor in the head. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday Brittney!!

Our little girl is growing up! The years just past so quickly and its hard to believe in just another year Britt will be leaving us to go to college. For those of you who dont know, Brian and Brittney came into my life when Brittney was 8. We got married a year later and had an instant family of 3. Britt has always lived full time with us and I truely count her as my "first" daughter. She is growing into a beautiful, warm-hearted young woman and I cherish the relationship we have. She works very hard at school to keep up her good grades, has just got her first "real" job and she will be taking her drivers license test in a couple weeks, ohh, scary. :)
We love you bunches Britt, Happy Birthday!

The Birthday Girl

Jake(Britt's Boyfriend), Brittney, and Cousin Liz

Cousin Ryan and Hailey

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Brittney, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

And many more...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Connor's Sleep Study

Last Saturday Connor had his sleep study. He was such a trooper and did so well. The kiddos bed time is 7:30 but Connors appointment time wasnt until 8pm. They arent supposed to fall asleep before the study and we had a half hour drive, so we went and ran some errands to get him out of the house.

Connor and Mama having a snack at Mc D's before the sleep study

We arrived, signed some papers and then proceeded to get some of the wires attached. Connor did awsome and only complained a little. The sleep technician was wonderful and gave Connor some of the stickies to put on his bunny to show how she was going to put them on him. That kept him distracted and calm. We decided to only put the major ones that go on the body under his pajamas first. He had two on his chest, one on his neck, one on his leg and a pulsox on his foot. All of the wires run up through his pjs and were connected together. After getting these on I then held Connor for a while until he went to sleep. Didnt take very long since it was now around 9pm, an hour and half after his normal sleep time. The sleep technician let him sleep for about an hour while monitoring the wires she already had connected and then came in to put the rest on. She was able to do most of this while he was asleep. There were at least ten more "stickies" (I dont know the technical term) put on his head. He was all gooped up. When it came down to putting the nasal canula on though he did not like that and woke up. I was able to get him back to sleep and we tried putting the canula back on, but this time in his mouth. He tolerated this better, but would still try to pull it off in his sleep.

Connor would sleep for a while, then turn, get all twisted up in the wires (there were at least 20 wires coming off of him) try to pull off the canula, succeed in pulling it off and wake up. Upon waking up he would get upset and I would try to untange him and get him back to sleep. We went through this until 3am, when he woke up and was quite upset. I told the tech we were done. The techician thought they had enough information and Connor was just getting more and more upset each time he woke. We got home around 4am and thankfully Connor went right to sleep in his own crib and slept peacefully till wake up time.

We will see the ENT in a couple weeks when he has gone over the results. We are pretty sure Connor will not need anything drastic as Brooklyn did. The doctor thinks he will just outgrow the large tonsils. We will see.

Connor - After being woken up to get the wires finished