Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Nudists

My little ones have recently decided they are better off naked. Who needs those restrictive clothes anyway? It starts as soon as I get them up in the morning. Dylan looks and pulls at his P.J.'s and says "off, off". When diapers are changed and I am getting them dressed for the day, the kiddos will complain about the clothes and whine about having them put on. Connor immediatly wants his socks off and will proceed to pull them off as I am putting on his other clothes. Brooklyn is the biggest culprit and Hailey follows suit.
It all started about a month ago when Brooklyn learned she could completely pull her pajama top off. I went in to check on them before going to bed one night and there was Brooklyn, sound asleep with no shirt. Hailey also figured out how to take her arms out a while ago and now, if the shirt neck is not to tight will quickly take it all the way off. With the shirt almost mastered, the girls have now moved on to pants. Which they figured out quite quickly. Connor and Dylan have not yet figured out how to take off anything other than their socks, oh and their diapers. (I do let them have time without clothes after bath and in the evening before getting on jammies)
Which has now led into the much dreaded diaper issue, poop problems and hopefully not, but maybe time to bring out the duck tape.

The other day after bath, Connor was out and diapered and playing in my room as I finished up the other kiddos. I got everyone else out and looked over into the bedroom just in time to see something flying through the air. It was Connors diaper. And something else was propelled from the diaper. Just as I see it flying, I noticed the smell. Something was stinky. Yes, that was poop being propelled from the diaper onto my bed. And before I could catch him, the little stinker was up on my bed, crawling around inadvertently using my bedsheets as wipes. Oh so nice! Luckily I was able to keep everyone else off the bed and out of the mess. Needless to say the bed was striped and everything washed. Oh I just love the extra work. :)

Then the next night Connor decided to reach into his dirty diaper and pull some out. I caught him before he could make a big mess, but I am not loooking forward to any more of these little escapades.

I guess I have been lucky that this is all I have dealt with so far. I know of others who have had poop smeared all over the place. Thankfully this has not been our case. Maybe this will be it. Ha Ha! Hey, a mom can hope!

Brooklyns baby butt crack. Trying to pull those darn diapers off.

Hailey - "See what I can do?

Brooklyn working on her pants

The Crew - Brooklyn, Dylan, Connor and Hailey

Cute little Brooklyn

All Fall Down

"Mom, did you see what Connor did with his diaper?" - Dylan

Lil Brooklyn - already getting a little fuller in the face since her surgery

My happy, silly boy Connor
Always on the move Hailey

Mr. Smiley, Dylan

Do you like my hat? It does wonders for my hair. - Brooklyn

Coloring time

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