Friday, May 27, 2011

Big Bear 2011

What a vacation this turned out to be! The first part was absolutely wonderful. Brian and I headed out without the kids for the weekend to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We enjoyed a lakefront room with beautiful views. Broke out the mountain bikes (at least mine, I havent been on a "real" ride for about 10 years) for a great ride across Big Bear, went on some great off roading adventures and just enjoyed spending some "alone" time together.

The view from our balcony

Gorgeous mountian views - I love the sights and smells and just being outdoors in the mountains

Me and my hunny

Views while 4x4-ing - The back side of Big Bear looking into the high desert

These beautiful little flowers were growing out of the rocks

And of course it wouldnt be a Jeepin' adventure without a blown tire

After a great long weekend, we were looking forward to bringing the kiddos up, take them hiking, hit up the local zoo and just enjoy the lake. It was not to be....ON THE WAY UP THE MOUNTAIN two of the four got sick, ALL OVER THE CAR!! Multiple times!!! Not the way to start the week. Dylan was the only one of the four who did not get sick this week. We tried to do what we could and took turns taking Dylan out for some fun while the others recuperated in the room. What a blessing the lakefront room was. While stuck inside, we at least had a gorgeous view!

Dylan getting some outside time

Connor felt a little better the second day and came out with Dylan to feed the ducks

Dylan passed away some of the time taking pictures around the room

The little sickies. This is how they spent most of the week

Like I said, even from the kitchen, we had a great view!

The last night before we left the kiddos were feeling well enough to do a little fishing with Daddy outside our room.

Cheesy Dylan

Daddy helping Brooklyn

Hailey and Connor taking their turn
Another great view
Connor watching some of the many videos that we watched this weekSilly Dilly

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