Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Naptime Fun

These little ones just crack me up! Usually before nap time, I sing a little song about it being nap time, just to get them ready for whats coming. Then we pick up any blankets, bunnys, stuffed animals, etc.. that have found their way out of the cribs and into the front rooms and take them back to the kids bedroom. Then we usually have a fun little game of chase to round everyone up. (I know, youre supposed to calm them down with something quiet, but whatever works, right?) Anyways, on this particular day, they werent so much into the chase me and put me to bed routine. They were thinking, "if we just sit here by the door, doing nothing in particular, maybe Mom wont see us and we can skip nap." Its just so funny how they think they can hide in plain sight. It started with just the boys and then Hailey decided to join the invisible sit out. Brooklyn was waiting, not so patiently in her crib, for the rest of her sibs to join her in the room. It just struck me as funny and thought I would get a couple pics of them.

Connor and Dylan

Hailey brought a toy along to pass the time.

This was actually a different day and Dylan was playfully running away. He ended up hiding in this empty toy drawer.

"Look Mama, I just took my nap."

Another one of Dylans adventures before going to bed. I was getting everyone down to bed and walked into the kitchen to get Dylan. I saw this drawer opening and closing with no one around. Just had to get it on tape.

(Yes, that cupboard is almost empty. Yes, all the other cupboards are locked. Yes, I did stop the drawer before it bonked Connor in the head. :)

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