Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cake and Candles

Connor was crouched and ready for the birthday song to be over so he could blow out "his" candles.

Connor was SOOO PROUD of blowing out the candles. He had been waiting ALL DAY for this moment.

Dylan listening to the Birthday Song.

Dylan getting impatient and wanting to blow out the candles before the song is over.

Dylan, OH SO PROUD, of blowing out the candles and enthralled with the smoke.

One happy birthday boy!

Brooklyn opened her mouth this wide several times while we sang to her, and we thought she was going to blow out the candles too soon, but she would then realize the song wasnt over yet, close her mouth and wait for the song to end. (Forgive my run on sentence)

She finally got them all out. YAY BROOKIE!!

Hailey just seemed amazed at everyone singing for her and just took it all in.

Hailey was so excited to blow out her candles. They all really liked that we sang to each of them individually this year.

Hailey blows with her front teeth, like she is saying an f sound, so it took her awhile to blow out her candles.

Some backyard play time. Brookie thought she could score more points using two balls.

Connor shootin' hoops

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