Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Bash!

March 21st, the quads turned 3 YEARS OLD!! We had a family party for the kiddos and enjoyed a fun-filled day. I try to make a point of telling EACH of the kids that it is their special day. It's Hailey's birthaday, its Brooklyn's birthday, etc... but I think it is also so neat that when asked individually who's birthday it is, they ALL answer, "it's OUR birthday."

A pre-party picture - Dylan, Brooklyn, Connor and Hailey

The Girls - Brooklyn and Hailey

The Boys - Dylan and Connor

Gramma Ginny made the kids little puppets. Connor's having a blast with his turtle.

The kiddos showing off their puppets. Brookie's still checking hers out.

A fishing game they cant wait to check out. Also made by Gramma Ginny.

Cousins Logan and Little Madi having their own fun with the toys while the quads open gifts.

A short outfit and bubbles, Dylan's set for summertime.

Connor and Brookie opening gifts from Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Walt.

Hailey and Dylan opening Grandma and Grandpa's gifts.

Connor had been asking and asking for a basketball hoop, so this gift from Uncle Stephen and Auntie Heidi was a great suprise.

The girls new baby dolls. They just LOVE them.

A Family Room of Family Love

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Betsy Gilbride said...


Happy Birthday to your babies! My quads turned 1 on March 23rd- what a year!

Your kiddos are adorable!!

Betsy Gilbride