Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blankie Buddies

Each of the kiddos has a blankie/teddy/bunny that they sleep with. Quite often the little stuffed friends come out with them to be a part of their day. When they were little, I got them the blankies just to put in the cribs with them. The bunnies are from their first Easter and also ended up in the cribs. Dylan never really took to the blanket that I bought, but he adopted this blue, stuffed teddy bear that my friend Brenda gave to the kids.

The latest escapades of the quads and their little friends happen every morning before I go in to get them up for the day. After I have turned the light on to wake every one up, I hear happy little voices starting to talk to each other. I don't know who started it, but they all followed suit and now I walk in every morning to all the blankets, bunnies, teddies and other blankets all thrown into the middle of the floor. And as soon as I open the door to say "good morning", I'm greeted with "uh, oh". As if all the blankies and teddies on the floor were a great big accident.

Hailey has varying degrees of attachment. Some days she will want it with her, and other times she leaves it in the crib all day.

Connor loves his blankie the most. He has even taken to carrying it around in his teeth so his hands are free, but he still has his blanket near.

Brooklyn has the most accumulated stuffed animals in her crib. She rotates who she wants to hold on different nights.

Dylan wanted nothing to do with the blanket I bought, then out of the blue, brought this teddy bear to bed and has become very attached to it.

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Andria said...

Adorable. I love the security their "lovies" give them. So sweet.