Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brooklyn is Home!! (Very long post)

Where was she? Heres the story.
Brooklyns sleep study was moved up and we got her in on Thursday, Dec. 11. Her appointment was at 8:00 pm. After connecting as many wires as we could get on her unhappy, squirming body, she finally went to sleep around 9:00. She slept about an hour, very restless and tiring. I've watched her sleep before and go in to check on her several times during the night, but I have never seen her this restless. She did have a bit of a cold, and that seems to make things worse. She cant really breathe through her nose at all (which is why we thought she needed her adnoids removed), but she closes her mouth at night and then tries to suck air in through her nose. After several attempts, and not getting any air, she will suck in a big gasp through her mouth, turn her head to the side and then the process repeats itself every 30 seconds or so. Just laying there next to her was the hardest thing to watch. Well she woke up about and hour later and we put the rest of the wires on her. She had wires on her feet, two on her chest, four or five on her head, a couple on her back, a nasal canula and a microphone taped to her neck. This time she just sat there and let us put them on. I think after having a little nap, she was content to just sit there. Then she didnt want to go back to sleep. We turned down the lights, but she wanted to point to everything in the room and ask what it was or anything else she could find. I tried to just let her talk and not engage her at all. After about 45 min. she FINALLY went to sleep and thats when the biggest problems began. Brooklyn was sleeping fairly well on her back, and the technician came in and said she had that recorded and would like to record some on her side. She also said her oxygen saturation levels were getting low and maybe she would do better on her side. So after a little bit on her side, the tech came in and said she was still dropping her O2 saturation levels, so we propped her up on some pillows on her back. That didnt do any good. After a little bit more the tech came back in and was really worried. She said Brooklyns oxygen saturation levels were dropping down to 40%. This is NOT GOOD!! She called Brooklyns ENT doctor and he said to call 911 and take Brook to the ER.
So after going through getting all the wires attached to her body, sleeping in an unfamiliar place, and then having the wires quickly taken off by a frantic sleep technician, she then has to face the ambulance guys. She was terrified. It was now 1:00 in the morning. The good news is that as soon as she wakes up, her oxygenation levels go back up.
So we end up in the ER at Loma Linda Childrens Hospital. Brooklyn was hooked up to oxygen, but was fine while awake. They decided to admit her to keep an eye on her and see if she was having sleep apnea. There werent any beds available so we had to wait in the ER. Finally 6 am Friday morning we were taken up to Pulmonary Surgical ICU. She was monitored through out the day and we were told the doctor might do surgery, or maybe order another sleep study and send Brook home with an apnea monitor and oxygen. We were hoping the Doc would just do the surgery. We knew she needed it. Just watching her try to breathe in her sleep was enough to know.
Brian came Friday during the day. Before I left to see the other kids and get a good nights sleep, we found out they were going to do the surgery Saturday morning.
Brooklyn had a really restless night and went in to surgery about 8:30 and was done around 9:00. All went well with the surgery and they took out her tonsils and adnoids. The doctor said both were quite large and obstructed her airways. After the surgery the doc said Brooklyn would still have some swelling for a day or so, but we could already hear a difference. She rested quite well the rest of the day and I stayed with her for the night, so Brian could go home.
Most children who have this surgery get Tylenol with codine for the pain, but because of the sleep apnea, they didnt want to give her the codine, so she just had plain Tylenol. Because of this, she had trouble eating and drinking longer than normal.
They weaned her off the oxygen by Monday and we were hoping to go home Monday night, but Brooklyn still wasnt eating or drinking well, so they wanted to keep her another night on the IV. By Tuesday morning Brooklyn and I were both ready to be done with the hospital and were released. She is on antibiotics for another week still, but we are so glad to have the surgery done and over and most of all Brooklyn breathing and sleeping much better.
We are hoping that this will make a difference in her weight gain and that she might now catch up to her siblings in that respect.

Welcome Home Brooklyn! We sure did miss you!!

PS - We would like to say a great big THANK YOU to our friends and family who helped us out and stayed with the three munchkins holding down the fort at home, Sharon, Beth, Grandma Nancy, Stephen and Heidi, Gramma Ginny, Papa Paul, and of course big sis Brittney! We couldnt have been there to comfort little Brooky without you!

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