Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Braken Bird Farm

Last Friday we took the kids to Brakens Bird Farm. They have a large variety of birds and an outdoor atrium where they birds fly free around you and a little pond/waterfall that runs through the middle. They also have a few different animals outside - turkeys, goats, oxen, and some cockatiels. The kids love to see the birds when we go on our walks and point them out in the trees outside the kitchen window, so I thought they would like the bird farm. I wish I had gotten video of Connor when we saw the Macaws. He was so excited at first and talking and pointing to it until it squawked. He jumped in my arms and looked away shyly. He was looking at the bird again, it squawked again, he jumped again and then he almost started to cry and wanted to walk away. Poor little guy. I think Brooklyn just liked the opportunity to try and run away in a new place. Hailey was interested in everything and Dylan wanted to chase the turkeys. They didnt allow pictures in the atrium, so we got a few inside the store and outside.

Hi birdie, birdie!

Saying hi to the parrots

Checking out the turkeys

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