Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uh oh! What happened?

The kiddos vocab continues to expand at a fast pace and we have quite a few conversations happening between the kids now. Some you can understand and some not so much. :) I thought I would get down some of their favorite sayings lateley. Hailey leads the group in the vocab and actually saying sentences. She is just on a roll and is continuously talking. She loves to say - Uh oh! What happened? (Wonder where she got that from. Ha Ha), Thank You, You're welcome. The other day Connor got hurt and she went up to him and asked, "Connor, you okay?"
Connor is probably next in line and is a little parrot and will repeat everything you say. I think he will be the next saying full sentences. Dylan and Brooklyn are right there with them and their vocabulary continues to increase as well. Brooklyn loves to tell me when something "its stuck".

We've been having alot of fun outside. Heres a few pics.

This picture is from a year ago

This was the best I could do this year. Connor would sit on the swing just fine until I pointed the camera at them. Dylan had to have my sunglasses to sit still.

Creating some fine art on our cement wall outside

"I think this pink would look lovely with the green on the wall."

We ended up with a lot of colorful lines on our wall. =)

On another day the sprinklers left a little pool of water, which of course the boys found.

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