Friday, August 7, 2009

We Will Miss You!

Last week was our last week of Early Intervention. Due to California's financial crisis, and many budget cuts within the state, our program was also looking for areas to cut back. The kiddos have been doing SOOOO GREAT that their program facilitator and teacher could not justify continuing the kids. We were only given about a weeks warning and are very sad to say good-bye to Kathy and Maritza. Maritza has been working with the kids for about a year now and they just love, love, love her. When ever I tell them its a day for Maritza to come, they get so excited and wait for the doorbell to ring. Maritza is such a sweet, caring person and her love for the kids shows in all her interactions with them. We will miss her!!

Maritza and Dylan

Maritza and Connor
Maritza and Hailey
Maritza and Brooklyn Hailey and Dylan working on some puzzles "Here Bro, I think this goes with your puzzle." Connor and Dylan
Maritza has everyone working so nicely!

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