Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Times

After bath and before bedtime comraderie. I love these times when all four are getting along, loving each other and having a grand old time!

Dylan wanted to sit at the table a while longer after we were done with breakfast. I left to change a diaper, came back and here he was. Relaxing on the hard wood table. Content as could be. Go figure.
A quiet moment when all four are focused and busy stringing beads to make necklaces. Thanks Gramma Ginny for the beads. :)

Hailey has this thing for orginization!

I think we might have a future drummer on our hands. Check out the drumset Dylan created.

The kiddos gathered all my measuring cups and spoons and wanted to have a jam session.

One day, I was checking to see what pictures I had on the camera, and of course, the kids all wanted to see. They love checking out the pics and videos. So I told them I would video them singing a song and they could watch it. As you will see, Connor did not appreciate the fact that we had to sing the song first and decided to protest. I thought it was cute and enjoyed their individual styles. (Pardon my singing in the background.)

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