Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain Races

We've been having our normal hot then cold October weather and had some warm thunderstorms come through our area. The kiddos were in the backyard playing when the sprinkles started. I brought them inside to stay dry and was promptly asked if we could watch the rain out the door. It had really started pouring and since it was warm, I said we could watch outside the front door where there is some covering to be under. Well, who can resist a warm rain storm to play in. One thing led to another and pretty soon they were out having leaf races in the gutter water. Reminded me of my own childhood fun!

Hailey and Connor testing out the rain drops.

Dylan racing back to ask me if I saw his leaf racing down the street.

Brooklyn hates the thunder and would come racing back up to the door whenever she heard it. This picture, of course, was not one of those times.
They were completely SOAKED by the time we were done playing, so I stripped 'em down, got them in a warm bath and we were all happy campers. What fun!

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