Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

On the 4th of July, we had a fun-filled, full day. We spent the morning at Brian's parents house, had a tasty bar-b-que and enjoyed time with family. We took the kiddos home for nap and a quiet afternoon, then headed down to Redlands to see fireworks at the University. Always on the program is a fly-over and parachuters (which happened as we were walking to the stadium), the Fourth of July Band playing patriotic music and this year there were two bands with one singer impersonating Diana Ross and another Neil Diamond. As soon as we got there, Dylan, Brooklyn and Hailey started dancing around with their cousins and enjoying the music. Connor, on the other hand, stuck like glue to me and stayed in my lap the entire night. Because of this, poor Daddy had to play round up with little miss escape artist, Brooklyn. She loves to go a-visiting. To anyone around. Connor warmed up a little when Aunt Crissi pulled out the glow-sticks and really loved the "pretty lights". I was a little concerned about taking them to see the fireworks so close-up. I talked up the fireworks all day long and told them that they would be very loud, so maybe all my talking payed off. They all did great, were bouncing to the music that goes with the fireworks and were ooooh-ing and aaaaahh-ing. Hailey was the only one who was a little unsure. She kept burying her face in Brians shoulder, then would peek out, then bury her face again. But no crying or covering her ears!! Yay!!

Hailey and Cousin Joey - who was a great help with getting all our stuff to the field

Connor and Dylan clapping to the beat with Papa Paul

Little Brooklyn and Gramma Ginny

Cat got your tongue?

Daddy and his girls

Hailey getting down with Cousin Kiley

Dylan enjoying a cold ice pack on a warm summer night
Connor finally getting a little excited over something on the 4th

Below are a few clips of the kiddos dancing away the night. Dylan just cant get enough of the music and dancing. Brooklyn loves to boogie and Hailey joins in.

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