Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Time, Vacation Time, V,V, Vacation Time

Two weeks ago, we took our annual trip to Capistrano Beach. We spent one week preparing, one week actually on vacation and one more week recuperating from vacation. WOW!! We had a wonderful time and the kids are still talking about what we saw and did.
Of course, the start to our vacation didnt help any in the relaxation department. Last year at this place, I brought two pack-n-plays for the kids and reserved two of the cribs that the timeshare has. This year we called ahead and reserved four cribs to cut down on the amount of luggage we had to take with us. At least we thought we reserved them. We left home after dinner, thinking we would get down to the beach right around the kids bed time, let them look around a little, put them to bed and then unpack and get settled in. Stephen and Heidi (Brians brother and sis-in-law) and their kiddos were coming down the next day and we wanted to be well rested and ready to play!
So we got to the room and guess what? NO CRIBS. So I took the kids down to the front desk as Brian was unpacking the cars (yes, we had to take two) and told them we didnt have the cribs. The woman said she would look into it. So the kids and I are wandering around the place, checking everything out waiting for our cribs as the time kept creeping by.
To make a long story a bit shorter, we never got the cribs. Ever. The whole week.
So that night, it was around 10:30 by now, with the kids getting ever crankier, we threw a mattress on the floor with some couch cushions and proceeded to get the kids to sleep. Finally around midnight, the last one finally gave in, I stayed with them to put them back on the mattress when they fell off, or ran into each other and woke the other one up, and generally didnt get any sleep myself. Then the girls decided 5:30 was a good time to wake up and went in to watch some T.V. with Daddy while the boys and I slept a little longer.
Our solution to no cribs: we went to Walmart the next day and got two junior tents, took one of the beds out of the room and the boys shared a tent and the girls shared a tent. It took a little adjusting, (and a lot of playing around before sleeping) but they eventually got used to the tents and slept well the rest of the week. It helped a little that they were usually exhausted from all the activity.
So our week went something like this: beach, pool, pool, throw in a little Chuck E. Cheese, pool, the Aquarium of the Pacific, a few parks around the area, beach, etc, etc....
It was so nice to get away and enjoy the beautiful beach and cooler weather. And the best part was seeing how much the kiddos enjoyed all the new adventures they got to have.
Heading to the pool

Everyone loved the pool. This was the first time the kids have been in a pool since our trip here last year. They were all jumping off the side holding on to only my thumbs, kicking their feet and blowing bubbles. We had quite a time just Brian and me keeping an eye on all four. Dylan and Brooklyn started jumping in by them selves and we had to keep telling them to wait for us. Below is a little clip of Brooklyn swimming by herself. She has no fear. She would jump in, head under the water, pop back up and start swimming.

A cart ride back with Daddy

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