Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sprinkler Fun

We had been having our So Cal "June Gloom" and even resorted to pulling back out our pants and a couple of times we had to wear our jackets in the morning. Then as usual we went from cool and gloomy to triple digit heat. So I got the kids a sprinkler to cool off in. This video is the first time we turned on the sprinkler. About 30 seconds into it, the water starts to sputter and all the kids stopped the excitement, paused and started to back away from the sprinkler, not knowing what was going on with it. It cracked me and Brian up! As soon as the sputtering stopped, they went right back to the fun.

The reactions of the boy vs. the girls really didnt suprise me at all! The boys during bath time do not like any amount of water on their faces and that was how they reacted with the sprinkler. The girls on the other hand had no problem and as evidenced by the pictures below kind of took over the sprinker and enjoyed spraying everyone.

My Guys

I love this picture with Brooklyn and Hailey in the background spraying Connor who is trying to run away, and Dylan who already made his get-away.

Three against one - not fair!

Once the girls are away, the boys will play!

I brought out these tubs for the kiddos to play with their cups in, but they had other ideas.

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